Is hair oil harmful? It’s very hard to believe this. But even healthy and nutritious foods can negatively affect hair if used improperly. How to avoid harm from hair oils and get only benefit from them?

Many oil masks stimulate hair growth, nourish strands from root to tip, and do a whole host of other good things. To verify this, you can, for example, simply study the properties  of burdock , castor , peach , coconut and jojoba oil . But we need to understand in cases where hair oil can be harmful.

1. Hair oil dries

dry hair oil

Have you applied pure natural oil to your hair in the hope of nourishing it, but got the opposite effect? Perhaps you should take a closer look at moisturizers , because natural oils do not moisturize, but only nourish the strands. Many oils contain components similar to the hair’s own protein. When this protein builds up too much, the hair becomes coarser and drier . Moreover, different types of hair react to oils in different ways. If your strands are getting heavy and oily, feel free to switch from pure oils to lighter and more balanced care.

2. Oil is hard to wash out of the hair

Oil wash

After you have washed the natural oil from your hair, a slight oiliness may remain on your hair. But very light! If the hair after washing is still like icicles , and you have to wash your hair again and again, this dries the curls even more. If the oil is difficult to wash out of the hair, most likely it just does not suit you. Oils that are particularly difficult to rinse off include, for example, coconut and sunflower. They are best used in mixtures or only on dry areas or ends of the hair.

3. Oil washes out the color of dyed hair

Yes, oil can do that too, so be careful with it if you want to keep the new shade of color as long as possible. Conversely, oil can help you quickly wash off the pigment if the staining was unsuccessful.

4. Oil clogs scalp pores

oily hair

The oil can really clog the pores of the scalp, which can make the hair brittle, sparse, dull, and also provoke hair loss. Comedogenic oils are the most prone to clogging pores, such as castor oil, cocoa butter, and shea butter. This does not mean that they will certainly clog any pores, but their direct contact with the skin should still be minimized.

5. Oil may not be right for your hair type

best hair oil

Pure unrefined oil, like any natural product, can cause an allergic reaction. Therefore, before using it, it is best to consult a trichologist or dermatologist. Unpredictable and self-made mixtures of oils, as well as their reaction to other components of your care, so be careful!


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